CLAVE HOZE™-LS was developed specifically for autoclave processing. The materials used have been carefully selected, formulated and manufactured to increase hose reliability, service life and resistance to damage in the shop/autoclave environment.

This vacuum hose is a high temperature, two-ply silicone rubber jacket with a stainless steel inner liner and threaded brass fittings. The two-ply silicone jacket provides a soft, highly flexible protective layer and vacuum tube with no sharp protrusions that could puncture vacuum bags. The steel inner liner prevents hose collapse under autoclave pressure and resists damage caused by shop handling and use. 


Part Designation Description 
LS-1                     1/4” Male NPT fitting, both ends. 
LS-2                     1/4” Male NPT 90° elbow fitting, both ends.
LS-3                     One 1/4” Male NPT fitting, one 1/4” Male NPT 90° elbow fitting. 


Note: Other fitting sizes available on request

(Use -3 suffix to indicate 3/8” Male NPT fittings, i.e.: LS-1-3 etc.).


Autoclave Pressure Rating 500 PSIG 
Inside Diameter 3/8” 
Color Green 
Length Up to 75’ 
Maximum Tested Use Temperature 500˚ F. 
Minimum Bend Radius 6” 
Standard Brass Fittings 1/4” NPT 

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