Disposable ThermoCouple Assemblies

Disposable type thermocouples are manufactured with Autobond™ wire construction. Autobond construction was designed to eliminate the “leakage path through wire” often found in autoclave applications when traditional wire constructions are employed.

Color-coded, insulated singles are bonded together in a proprietary process, eliminating the need for a conventional jacket.

The exceptional characteristics of Teflon®, with a low coefficient of friction, and excellent resistance to moisture and chemicals further enhance the Autobond construction.


  • Kink and Knot Resistant
  • Calibrated/Traceable Conductors
  • Test Reports
  • 100% Inspection.
  • Low Cost
  • Available in J, K & T ANSI Types.
  • 400°F (204°C) FEP & 500°F (260°C)PFA Insulations
  • Molded Connectors Eliminate Errors Associated with Connector Shorts and Reverse Readings

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