OVEN HOZE vacuum hose is made from carefully selected materials, formulated and manufactured to increase hose reliability, service life and resistance to damage in the clean-room or shop environment.

This vacuum hose is an inexpensive, room temperature, two-ply rubber hose with threaded brass fittings. The two-ply rubber hose is flexible and durable with no sharp protrusions that could puncture vacuum bags.

The unique design, materials and fabrication process yields many months of continuous service under normal operating conditions.

OVEN HOZE is blue for easy identification to avoid confusion with hoses of different capabilities and intended uses.


Inside Diameter: 3/8"
Color: Blue
Length: Up to 50'
Maximum External Pressure: 20 PSIG
Maximum Use Temperature: 300°F
Minimum Bend Radius: 4"
Standard Brass Fittings: 1/4" NPT, (Others upon request)

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