PT7240 A/B
Amber soft, very resilient system with a low mixed viscosity, high tear strength, good tensile strength and abrasion resistance. Hardness: 40 A, Soft

PT7250 A/B
Light amber soft urethane with very good balance of properties for easy handling and good performance in a variety of uses. Hardness: 50 A, Soft

PT7260 A/B
Very snappy and resilient elastomer with excellent cured properties. Hardness: 60 A, Mid-range

PT7265 A/B
Durable high performance medium viscosity urethane elastomer with excellent tensile strength and elongation and very high abrasion resistance. Hardness: 65 A, Midrange

PT7275 A/B
Outstanding elongation and very high tear strength for this hardness. Hardness: 75 A, Mid-range

PT7280 A/B
A quick curing material with very good toughness and high tensile strength and elongation. Hardness: 80 A, Midrange

PT7290 A/B
A tough tooling elastomer with a longer working time and low viscosity which is very easy to mix and cast. Hardness: 95 A, Hard

PT7295 A/B
An excellent metalworking elastomer with very high cured properties. It has low shrinkage, very good elongation and outstanding tensile strength and abrasion resistance. Hardness: 95 A, Hard

PT7660 A/B
Tough tooling elastomer that is ideal for demanding foundry and industrial applications. It has a fast cure for quicker tool production. Hardness: 60 D, Hard

PT7665 A/B
This system has a longer working time and very low shrinkage which makes it ideal for larger patterns and tools. The cured material machines well for casting a nearnet shape, and then machining the pattern to final dimensions. Hardness: 60 D, Hard

PT7705 A/B
Bright white low viscosity; long working time and good room temperature cures. This material is excellent for hand pouring prototype plastic models and parts where the handling characteristics allow easy filling of complicated molds. Hardness: 75D, Rigid

PT7985 A/B
Hard durable red tooling elastomer with good heat and excellent abrasion resistance. Ideal for foundry patterns with thin cross-sections; no heat or pressure deflection. Hardness: 85D, Rigid

A 3-component system consisting of a fast-setting resin and hardener and a non-metallic bulk filler. Finished casting properties can adjusted by varying the amount of bulk filler incorporated into the mix. Hardness: 75D


The REPLICAST 600 Series is a line of highly-filled fast-setting urethane tooling compounds with low shrinkage and good cured stability for many general-purpose industrial tooling applications. REPLICAST 609 (Hardness:83D) has a faster setting time and demolding can be done sooner than with REPLICAST 612. (Hardness: 84D) should be used for larger castings, and when the lowest shrinkage is required.

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