Pre-Moistened 'Process Control' Wipers

Pre-moistened 'Process Control' Wipers provide all the features and benefits you need to get the quality results you want — each time, every time. Each wiper is premoistened with the specific amount of solvent necessary for the application.


Everspun pre-moistened wipes provide the ultimate in strength, convenience and efficiency. These wipes are designed for final cleanup when low linting and clean surfaces are critical to the next step in your operation. A pre-measured solvent application on each Everspun wipe helps maintain process control. High strength, polypropylene laminate construction is extremely strong and will not deteriorate under VOC exposure. The patented pouch design preserves the cleanliness of the solvent and wipers.


A wide range of wiping materials, pre-moistened with a variety of solvents, are manufactured to meet most any surface preparation need. Solvents include IPA, MPK, MEK, acetone, naphtha and other solvents. BBA Fiberweb has the capability to premoisten wipes using proprietary customer solvents. Pre-moistened wipes are available in a variety of sizes and are dispensed from a center-pull roll in the self-closing container.


  •           Chemically Pure
  •           Non-abrasive
  •           Extremely Low Lint
  •           Silicone Free
  •           Extremely Absorbent
  •           Liquid Retentive
  •           AMS 3819 Approved
  •           Solvent of your Choice


VeraClean™ wipes meet many aerospace specifications, including AMS 3819, BMS 15-5F AND DMS 1820.

For technical information and Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS), call 801-265-0111.

EVERSPUN™ and VERACLEAN™ are Trademarks of Fiberweb

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