Resin Impregnated Products

Prepreg fabrics for use in manufacturing processes for a wide range of products for aircraft, automotive, recreation equipment, ballistic and other industrial applications are available. A wide selection of epoxy, phenolic and other resin systems with cure temperatures and physical and mechanical properties to customer specifications are applied to reinforcing materials in a solution coating process.

Unidirectional prepreg tape, which is produced using a double-opposed film, hot melt process is also available from Technology Marketing, Inc. Tape in widths up to 24 inches wide with common reinforcing fibers including carbon, glass, aramid, ceramic, and alumina fill a wide range of customer needs. Unidirectional tapes with areal weights from 45 to 450 grams per square meter are routinely produced. Resin content (+/- 1%) and aerial weight (+/- 3gsm) are tightly controlled to produce a uniform, high quality and process friendly prepreg.

Epoxies with 250°F to 350°F cure temperatures with a range of toughness and cure time capabilities for oven, autoclave or press processing can satisfy most customer needs. Flame retardant epoxy, low temperature (180°F) and high temperature (375°F) cure systems as well as cyanate ester prepregs are also available.

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