TMI is excited to announce the acquisition of SR Composites’ Intellectual Property (IP) rights to SPRAYOMER® Technology reusable vacuum bags for the advanced composite industry; virtual patent marking url – or VPM url:  https://www.srcomposites.com/PATENTS.htm

Pat McGill, Technology Marketing, Inc. (TMI) President, says, “this acquisition follows our long working relationship with SR Composites, and we are excited to further strengthen TMI’s position in the advanced composites markets, and as we have all been witness to, the composite industry is accelerating the adoption of reusable vacuum membranes and bags (RVB’s) and we believe that SPRAYOMER® Technology provides unique value to the advanced composites market and our customers that is clearly distinguished from other RVB’s.”

The intellectual property rights cover many desirable features such as vacuum bags with integral fluid transfer conduits and seals for resin transfer and other processes, and waste fluid conduits that provide reusable sealing and vacuum manifold capacity when integrated into RVB made from any elastomer including silicones, urethanes, and natural & synthetic latexes. SPRAYOMER® Elastomer RVB’s perform better and provide more useful life with epoxy resin systems than sprayable silicone RVB’s and are up to 80% lighter in weight and can be made seamless near net shape for any size mold tools. SPRAYOMER® NR elastomers provide cleaner use RVB’s without the potential cross contamination and tracing issues of sprayable silicone RVB’s. SPRAYOMER® Technology elevates itself above all other RVB’s with today’s consumers/companies exercising greater awareness and responsibility and, for manufacturers as they expand their operations while practicing Environmental Social Governance (ESG) offering RVB’s with the lowest carbon footprint among currently available RVB.

TMI looks forward to leveraging the IP and conveying the compelling economic advantages and environmental social governance value.  McGill further states, “in my long career as an advanced composites industry supplier, I can say with confidence, that no better system exists than this IP coupled with SPRAYOMER® Elastomer for debulking cycles – the labor efficiency gained in time and subsequent savings achieved is measurable and real, we make huge strides in assisting manufacturers eliminate variable labor cost by providing predictable repeatable cycling.”  

We invite you to reach out to us and learn how we can provide an RVB solution with a compelling value proposition.