VeraClean™ wiping cloths are specifically designed, engineered and manufactured for use as cleaning cloths in the aerospace industry.

Hydroentanglement non-woven technology is used to produce VeraClean™ in which 100% virgin rayon fibers are entangled/knotted by jets of high-pressure water. The entire manufacturing process from raw material to finished product utilizes Statistical Process Control (SPC) methodology. This ensures a product compatible with all known solvents with lot-to-lot reproducibility in cleanliness, uniformity and purity.

Far more absorbent than cheesecloth and other commonly used wipes, VeraClean™ retains solvents, releasing them when squeezed. This feature reduces solvent evaporation and the amount of solvent used for a given task by allowing the user to place the solvent where it is needed.

Available in 12” wide continuous rolls (perforated available), or individual 4” x 8”, 12" x 17" and 16” x 17” cut pieces. Custom cuts are available.


  •     Chemically pure
  •     Non-abrasive
  •     Extremely low lint
  •     Silicone free
  •     Extremely absorbent
  •     Liquid retentive
  •     AMS 3819 approved
Bell Helicopter   Material Bulletin
Boeing Aircraft Company & Federal Express   BMS-15-5
General Dynamics   B6272
Grumman Aircraft   GC110DJ1, Class A
Lockheed, U. S. Navy & Textron   AMS 3819
McDonnell Douglas Aircraft   DMS 1820E (R-2) & DMS 2196
Rohr Industries   RIMS 1003F
Vought Aircraft   2-51130/2AV0-2015

VeraClean™ is a trademark of Fiberweb.

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