VeraTack™ tack cloth is a non-woven rayon fabric designed, engineered, and manufactured for use as a cleaning cloth for the aerospace industry.

The nonwoven manufacturing process from raw material to finished product utilizes Statistical Process Control (SPC) methodology to produce an apertured cloth. This ensures a product with lot-to-lot reproducibility in cleanliness, uniformity and purity.

The VeraTack™ coating allows removal of dust, dirt, lint and other particulate contaminants from part surfaces without contaminating the part. To accomplish this, the coating has been formulated for a low consistent tack, cloth-to-cloth, which resists dry out in a closed package and prevents stacked cloths from adhering to each other.

The tack level was chosen to be compatible with high solids primers and paints to avoid damage to surfaces and contamination.


  •     Effective solid particle removal
  •     Low marking Non-abrasive
  •     Non-blocking rolls or stacks
  •     Non-irritating to skin
  •     Non-linting
  •     Silicone free
  •     Solvent retentive

Put up in 12" x 450' rolls or individual 12" x 17" cut pieces. Other cut piece sizes are available.

VeraTack™ is a trademark of Fiberweb

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