Technology Marketing, Inc.

Is a distribution, sales and marketing company. We serve the aerospace and other select fiber reinforced composites manufacturing industry specifically tuned to the needs of composites, sporting goods, and kindred industries where lightweight structures require high strength and stiffness.


We work with our partners to provide quality materials you have come to expect from TMI.

Building on a core of high quality product lines, supplied by recognized brand-name material manufacturers, TMI brings a complete portfolio of composite structure constituent options to clients.
We specialize in Tooling Materials, Resin Systems, Woven Reinforcements, Prepregs, Structural Foam Core, Mold Release Agents, Process Materials, Elastomers, Cutting Solutions, Vacuum Hoses & TC Assemblies, Finishing and Accessories. 

Our Partners

Technology Marketing Inc. (TMI) has business alliances with quality suppliers of materials and equipment for the advanced composites industry.

With broad experience and the expertise of our people, TMI assists clients in the selection and development of materials, processes and manufacturing aids to assure product quality and reliability, and to enhance productivity and efficiency.
Our vision is to become the preeminent supplier of materials, services and technology to the composites industry and strategically selected other industries.


TMI serves the aerospace and other select fiber reinforced composites manufacturing industry segments.

40 Years of Customer Service

Three industry professionals who recognized an opportunity in the fast growing arena of composite structures manufacturing founded TMI in 1978. Our hope is that we can work with each client to furnish cost effective quality products, and to earn each client’s trust and loyalty for well into the future.