Thermocouple Assemblies

VacTyte™ Thermocouple Assemblies are available in standard 15 feet and custom lengths for use through 750°F. All wire types used in VacTyte™ assemblies are certifiable to ASTM E207, ASTM E230 and EMF values are in accordance with ASNI MC96.1. Manufacturer’s certifications and test reports are provided with each shipment.

Standard assemblies are made with VacTyte™ F8 thermocouple wire for a durable, reusable, leak proof lead-through for vacuum bag sealant tape penetrations. Its unique design and manufacture eliminates the possibility of through wire, or through insulation vacuum leaks which frequently occur with conventional thermocouple wire. In VacTyte™ F8 both wires are simultaneously encapsulated in a single extrusion of PTFE with a narrowing between the conductors so wires need not be stripped for sealant penetrations.

This wire is a type J, 24 gage, 1/0.508mm wire with iron and constantan conductors.

VacTyte™ assemblies feature wire grommets and jack mounted wire guards to prevent wire flexing as it exits the jack.

The 15' Standard Assembly, Type J, 24 AWG is usually in stock; other lengths, constructions and wire types available on special order to customer specification.

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