TMI is pleased to announce our new business relationship with AMAMCO Tool. AMAMCO Tool is an international supplier of custom carbide and coated tools for automotive, aircraft and aerospace manufacturing industries since 1972. AMAMCO specializes in precision drilling, routing, cutting and combination tools for machining of high-tech metal and composite materials. Their tools last longer, significantly cut production costs and setup time, streamline cutting and machining processes, and meet the tightest tolerances required by today's demanding aerospace manufacturing technology. AMAMCO Tool works in conjunction with the National Center for Defense Manufacturing and Machining (NCDMM), is a proud supplier for the JSF (Joint Strike Force) F-35 fighter project, and most recently developed a custom diamond coated carbide compression router for an international satellite launch program. Please contact us to discuss your current requirements.

Technology Marketing, Inc. (TMI) is a distribution, sales and marketing, and manufacturing company. Headquartered in Salt Lake City, TMI offers a wide range of high quality materials and accessories specifically tuned to the needs of composites manufacturers serving the aerospace, construction, automotive, marine, sporting goods and kindred industries where lightweight structures require high strength and stiffness. TMI’s mission is to work with each client to furnish cost effective quality products, and to earn each client’s trust and loyalty for the long term.