Pre-cut and Kitted Process Materials

BagAid™ consists of customer specified vacuum bagging process materials custom cut to size and kitted in sequence desired to eliminate labor intense process material preparation for production parts.

Vacuum bag, breather, bleeder, release or other single ply process material cutting is eliminated and material handling is reduced on the shop floor. These materials can be sequentially plied in the kit to allow placement of all vacuum bag process materials in a single step.

Productivity and space utilization is enhanced and part processing costs are reduced through less material waste and decreased labor. Simply remove the BagAid™ material from the package and place it on the uncured composite lay up.

All process materials used in the preparation and assembly of the kit are 100% visually inspected before shipment. Our operation screens materials for defects to prevent questionable materials from reaching your shop floor.

Housekeeping and safety are also improved by material storage, handling and waste reduction, and the elimination of material cutting. Process reliability and repeatability are also enhanced through the use of precision pre-cut materials.

Each kit may contain any number of customer specified materials or sequence, each precisely cut using the latest SoniCut™ cutting technology for accurate, clean material edges.

• 100% visual material inspection before delivery
• Single step process materials placement
• Improved process reliability and productivity
• Fewer labor hours
• Reduced material handling and storage needs
• Less material waste

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