Composite Cutting Tools

The operation of cutting, routing and drilling of composite structure parts is probably the most under-appreciated part of the composites manufacturing process. Most often when cured parts are removed from the mold or mandrel, they must be trimmed, cut or penetrated for finishing, fitting and joining to another composite or metallic part.

It has been learned through years of experience that the correct tool geometry is an all-important factor in successfully cutting and machining composites. It is also important in using cutting tools that the spindle rotation speed and the speed that the cutter moves through the part (feed rate) be controlled to remove material without overheating. Overheating can damage the tool and the part.

TMI has aligned with Tool Tech Systems of Canada to bring to the industry cutting tools and machining expertise that have been proven to produce superior composite part finishing. Standard and custom cutting tools are available. Custom tools can be designed to your specification and manufactured to print.

Cutting tools available: Drill bits, drill reamers(dreamers), holesaws, dagger drills, reamers, router bits, ultrasonic knives, etc… These tools are made from solid carbide.

Regrind services are also available. Call 801-265-0111 to order.

Custom Cutting Tools

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