High Temperature Surface Coats

Gray general purpose intermediate high temperature surface coat. Aluminum filled for good heat transfer. Smooth thixotropic paste viscosity stays in place on severe contours and vertical surfaces. Good edge coverage on sharp corners. Cured material has very good chip resistance and toughness.

Black graphite filled high temperature surface coat with a thin paintable viscosity which makes it very easy to apply quickly without trapping air and creating voids.

Gray general purpose aluminum filled system with slightly lower viscosity than PT1520, for easier application to detailed surfaces and large flat areas. Similar properties to PT1520 with excellent heat cycling capabilities.

Black high temperature surface coat that can be polished to a high gloss when cured. Has excellent high temperature cycling capabilities, and resists stress cracking and crazing in service.

Black high temperature surface coat with special characteristics developed for prepreg lay-up tooling. Very tough hard surface resists damage caused by cutting prepreg right on the tool surface. Very good heat resistance and cured properties.

Black graphite filled high temperature surface coat with thermal expansion characteristics designed for high performance composite tooling.

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High Temperature Surface Coats