TMI Laminating Brushes have been designed specifically for hand laminating and surface coat application. They are functional and durable tools, and are economical enough for use as a single-use throw-away item, minimizing clean-up labor costs.

The laminating brushes are constructed with a sturdy wooden handle and blunt cutbristles for applying even the thickest paste materials with ease. The 3/4” length stiff bristles eliminate the need to hand cut ordinary paint brushes to get the required length for tooling use. The smooth, machine-cut end works much better than a rough handcut brush when laminating, applying surface coats or adhesives.

The 100% pure China bristles have excellent chemical resistance, so the brush can be used with solvent containing systems if desired. The bristles are firmly locked into the ferrule, so that they will not pull out during use and contaminate the material being applied.


  •     Economical
  •     Solvent resistant
  •     3/4” Bristle length - Specifically for tooling
  •     Smooth machine cut bristle ends
  •     China Bristles locked into handle for durability

PACKAGING: 24 per box