Mocathane™ Cutting Table Surfaces

Mocathane™ Table Surfaces are made only from moca-cured urethane to ensure the highest quality at the lowest cost.

The durability of Mocathane™ lends itself to most cutting methods and in particular to ultrasonic knives that can damage and, in many cases, cut through non-moca urethane and other rubber table tops.


  • Mocathane™ will not surface crack or curl due to aging.
  • Average service life is two to three years.
  • Self-healing characteristic reduces blade deflection caused by scarred working surfaces.
  • Preferred surface for ultrasonic cutting systems.


Durometer: 85 Shore A
Maximum Size: 4' x 20' and 5' x 20'
Standard Thickness: 1/4" (available in other thickness)
Color: Black

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