Epoxy Infusion Resin

PT2712 PT2712, with various hardener choices, is ideal for infusing production fiberglass, carbon or Kevlar parts.
PT2752 A high strength toughened epoxy system that is an ideal material for the production of very durable parts and structures which possess very high cured properties. With a low mixed viscosity, it is well suited to the resin infusion process, where it flows readily into the reinforcing fabric. It also performs very well in traditional hand lay-up operations and proves to be a quite versatile material for producing all types of parts and structures.
PT2876 An unfilled amber epoxy laminating system designed for the highest service temperature applications. The extended working time of PT2876 A/B allows enough time for vacuum-bagging, yet will set well enough at room temperature to allow the laminate to be demolded from the pattern for post curing. Long tool life is obtainable for autoclave service temperatures up to 450°F., if proper fabrication techniques are use during construction. This system will easily wet-out carbon and fiberglass tooling fabrics. It can also be used for making high-temperature service composite parts.
 PT5712  PT5714 These are amber and black versions of the same epoxy resin system, for infusing high-temperature tools or parts that require elevated temperature service.
PT5760 A two-part epoxy system using the latest resin technology, designed for infusing composite tools for service temperatures of 400° F. and above. This product is ideal for the vacuum-assisted resin transfer molding (VARTM) process, due to its low viscosity, excellent wet-out properties, and long working time. PT5760 A/B offers high heat resistance and mechanical properties, and will provide durable, dimensionally stable, high-temperature infused tools.


Epoxy Adhesives

ES6209 A translucent, straw colored adhesive with a controlled flow viscosity for good surface wetting, yet minimum run-out from the joint.
ES6220 A fast setting green liquid adhesive with good adhesion to a variety of surfaces. Useful for bench assembly or quick repairs. Ideally suited for bonding situations where a fast cure at room temperature and good cures at low temperature are required.
ES6224 A black, very fast setting adhesive with good bonds to a variety of surfaces. The cured bonds are tough and durable, for excellent long term stability of the joints.
ES6228 ES6228 is a thin paste viscosity epoxy adhesive designed to provide good bonds to metal surfaces. A unique feature of ES6228 is its ability to bond to slightly oily metal surfaces. This is useful in situations where the complete removal of residual mill oil on metal surfaces is not possible. The thin paste consistency of ES6228 wets the metal surface well for good adhesion. This viscosity also provides some gap filling capabilities, so “close fitting” joints are adequate, and matched-metal joints are not required.
ES6238 A general purpose, aluminum filled, paste epoxy adhesive for metal repair and bonding and many other uses. This adhesive is recommended for general bonding, repair and gap filling on metal, cured plastics and other materials. It has excellent adhesion to metal, glass, wood and reinforced composite materials.
ES6240 ES6240 is a two component toughened epoxy adhesive with very good cured properties that provides excellent bonds to a variety of substrates. Its blend of high lap shear and T-Peel values allow superior performance in demanding bonding applications. ES6240 adheres very well to wood, metal, composites and some plastics. The bonded components exhibit tough and durable performance for long term stability in use.
ES6247 ES6247 is a high peel strength adhesive in the same family as our ES6240. ES6247 is a black epoxy adhesive with a 2 to 1 mix ratio by weight or volume. It has a pot life of 90 minutes, which allows easy assembly of large or complicated bonding jobs. ES6247 provides superior cured properties and tough, durable bonds to a variety of surfaces.
ES6249 A lightweight adhesive/patching/filler compound that is carvable when cured. It can be sanded in 2 to 3 hours, and is easily worked with hand tools.
ES6251 ES6251 is a two-component somewhat lighter epoxy system formulated for bonding together machinable board stock. ES6251 is easily sanded, and will match the surface contour of the machined and sanded board-stock master. ES6251 can be used to bond urethane and epoxy board stock, ranging from lightweight foam boards to high-density solid boards.
ES6259 A dark brown high strength paste adhesive that cures well in the presence of water. Excellent in high humidity conditions, ES6259 will even cure underwater for special situations.
ES6265 A tan high strength paste adhesive with very good high temperature resistance. ES6265 is a good candidate for applications where bond lines are exposed to elevated temperatures
A tough general purpose adhesive with excellent bonds to a wide variety of surfaces. ES6271 is Black, ES6272 is White, and ES6279 is the natural Tan version of this system. These are very versatile adhesives that combine ease of use with tough, high strength, impact resistant bonds for a broad range of applications.
ES6292 A tan paste epoxy adhesive intended for use in bonding composite parts and structural assemblies. ES6292 is a very tough adhesive, so it works well in applications where severe stresses and vibration are involved. It is not brittle when cured, and has very good resistance to peel forces. It has good thixotropy, and fills gaps in uneven bond lines without sagging or run out during cure. ES6292 performs well at both high and low temperatures, so it is useful for applications where the bonded structure is exposed to environmental extremes. This is a fire retardant system, and meets requirements of UL-94 Specification.
ES6296 ES6296 is a two component epoxy adhesive intended for use in bonding composite parts and structural assemblies. ES6296 is a very tough adhesive that works well in applications where severe stresses and vibration are involved. It is not brittle when cured, and has very good resistance to peel forces. The mixed material has very good thixotropy, and fills gaps in uneven bond lines without sagging or run out during cure. ES6296 has a high glass transition temperature (Tg), so it is very well suited to applications where good performance at higher temperatures is required.
OC3700 A two-part, room temperature curing epoxy optical cement. OC3700 is recommended for glass to glass bonding, where its low mixed viscosity and room temperature cure allow as much as an hour for close positioning. In addition, its index of refraction and unusually low coefficient of expansion make it especially suited to glass bonding.
TR-150-25 TR-150-25 is a modified reactive polyimide solution designed to provide outstanding high temperature service in a variety of demanding applications. It was originally developed to bond Kapton film to copper for printed circuit applications. Aging studies have shown that TR-150-25 bonds retain 75% of their original strength after more than 4000 hours at temperatures above 500°F. Excellent metal-to-metal bond strength has been observed with properly treated stainledd steel, copper, aluminum and titanium alloys.


Technology Marketing, Inc. (TMI) is a Distributor of PTM&W resin and process supplies for the fiber reinforced composites industry. Resins are versatile products that can provide an excellent solution to a variety of product and process problems. Physical and mechanical properties can be tailored through the use of different cure catalysts and the addition of fillers. A wide range of resin products and supplies are available.

EPOXY LAMINATING RESIN systems consist of both unfilled and filled products that are intended for use with reinforcing fabrics to construct high performance composite tooling prototype and/or production parts. The pertinent handling and cured properties of these systems are listed in the resin description charts to aid in selecting the right product for your application.

EPOXY CASTING RESINS are versatile products that can provide an excellent solution to a variety of industrial applications. They generally contain a filler of some type that is provided to produce specific handling or cured properties. These fillers can be of a metallic nature, or of a variety of non-metal fillers. The specific fillers can provide lower shrinkage, higher compressive strengths, better metal forming properties, or other characteristics suited to a particular use. A variety of systems, for both room temperature as well as high temperature service are listed here with different hardeners to more closely match the material to the application.

EPOXY SURFACE COATS are paste-viscosity resins designed to be applied by brush or squeegee to a model or pattern to function as the surface of the cured tool. They generally possess handling properties that facilitate easy mixing and application, and their cured properties provide a tough, durable surface that can be sanded or scribed with ease.

POLYURETHANE ELASTOMERS are very versatile materials that are used for a wide variety of industrial applications including high performance tooling, molds, dies and fixtures. They vary in hardness from very soft, elastomeric materials with high elongation to hard, rigid products with extremely tough cured properties.

Resin Description Charts for these commonly used resin systems are available in this section.

For additional information on the products below and related materials, call 801-265-0111.

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Fire Retardant Epoxies

PT2475 PT2475 is a filled, off-white epoxy laminating system designed for use in constructing fire retardant laminates for parts or reinforcements. PT2475 meets the requirements of the FAR 25.853 Specification. This system has a 1 hour pot life at normal ambient temperatures, which will allow the construction of larger laminated than would be possible with a faster material. The system cures well at room temperature, and the cure can be accelerated with the addition of mild heat if desired.
PT5355 PT5355 is an epoxy laminating system with cured fire retardant characteristics that meets the requirements of the FAR 25.853 specification. Independent lab tests show that this material significantly exceeds the minimum requirements of this specification. It has well-balanced handling characteristics for ease of use and quick fabrication capabilities. There are two hardeners available for use with PT5355 resin for different size laminates. PT5355 Part B has a 30 minute pot life, and is intended for smaller items and patching applications. PT5355 Part B1 has a 1 hour pot life, and is intended for larger laminates. Both hardeners will cure completely at room temperature and provide very similar properties when cured.
PT5358 PT5358 is an epoxy laminating system with cured fire retardant characteristics that meets the requirements of the UL 94 V-0 specification. The cured physical properties of PT5358 are quite good, and laminates made with it will give long service in the most demanding applications. It has well-balanced handling characteristics for ease of use and quick fabrication capabilities.


Polyester Filler Pastes

Poly Filler RT  POLY FILLER RT, a product for room temperature applications (White).
Poly Filler HT  POLY FILLER HT, which utilizes an excellent high temperature resin base (Gray/Black).




Release Agents

PA0801 Non-silicone paste wax for room temperature or elevated temperature applications. Easy to apply, works equally well on metal or composite tooling. Can be used to release epoxies, polyurethanes, polyesters,and most adhesives based on those materials. Service temperature to 375° F.
PA0810 A green water/alcohol solution of water soluble, film forming PVA for use as a parting agent for separation between polyester or epoxy resins and various mold surfaces. Used with PA0801 paste wax for easy, effective production release in a variety of applications.
PA0828 Rich silicone release for tooling or production uses. PA0828 is the best all purpose release for metal and plastic molds - easy release every time! Also an effective lubricant
PA0864 and PA0868 PA0864 and PA0868 are mold releases designed specifically for releasing thermosetting urethane elastomers from either epoxy or metal tooling in production applications. These releases are specially formulated to provide glossy surface finishes and easy release with minimal buildup on the molds. What makes PA0864 and PA0868 unique is that either release can be removed from the urethane part with soap and water clean up. It is unnecessary to solvent clean or mechanically abrade the molded surface before painting or bonding.

PA0864 and PA0868 contain the same active ingredients in the same amounts. The difference in the products is that PA0864 is made with a high flash point (non-flammable) solvent, to be used on hot molds or where flammable solvents cannot be used. PA0868 is made with Hexane solvent, for fast evaporation and short mold cycles.

Neither product is satisfactory for releasing epoxy parts. These releases have not been tested for releasing urethane foam parts.



PA0550 PA0550 is an anti-foaming agent that may be added to epoxies or urethanes to aide in removing mixed-in air during degassing (deairing) procedures. This product acts as a surfactant, lowering the surface tension of the resin, making it easier for air bubbles to grow in volume and release from the mixture. This product will lower the volume of foam expansion during this process. If used in the proper amounts, PA0550 will have no effect on cured mechanical properties.