A tan non-metallic filled system with features especially designed for tough metal forming applications. The special blend of fillers provide a tough non-galling surface ideal for metal forming uses. An economical system, well suited for use as a solid backup structure for tooling surfaces.

A bright white, non-metallic filled system well suited to a variety of tooling and production operations. Filled with a blend of non-abrasive fillers that provide good handling and cured characteristics. Pours well; releases air readily for void free casts.

Gray aluminum filled system with good toughness and easy machining. Very high aluminum content; metal-like finished castings with excellent physical properties.

Gray aluminum filled resin; low viscosity easy pouring and good detail reproduction. Very good cured properties for many uses. Fillers do not hard pack in transit or storage.

Black iron filled for lower viscosity, easier handling and pouring. Filler imparts very good toughness. Finished surface has a some lubricity for easier metal forming.

Black highly filled resin with very high cured properties. High iron content yields very low cured shrinkage for accurate castings. Cured surface has excellent nongalling characteristics for good metal flow in a variety of metal forming jobs.