TMI is excited to announce the launch of Armor-Mask™ APE 200. Armor-Mask™ APE 200 formulation is an advanced polymer elastomer for spray application resulting in a thin maskant coating that provides a sealant barrier film to many substrates. Other formulations for brush and or roll applications are available.

 Armor-Mask™ state-of-the-art coatings, maskants, and sealants exhibit extraordinary performance characteristics in harsh environments, with an ability to withstand temperature extremes of -34.4ºC to 204.4ºC (-30ºF to 400ºF with short excursions to 500ºF) and resists attack from hundreds of corrosive chemicals and liquids. Armor-Mask™ advanced polymer elastomers, enables the quick application of a thin, chemically resistant, rubbery coating barrier. The APE 200 formulation typically allows for fewer applied spray coats being required and provides resistance to corrosive liquids.

Armor-Mask™ coating, maskants, and sealant applications include but are not limited to: equipment subjected to corrosive fluids and vapors, metal substrates subjected to high temperature airflow and chemical vapors. Composite mold tool vacuum sealant for aluminum, steel, invar, epoxy-based composites, bismaleimide (BMI) composites, and graphite or carbon-carbon composite. Provides excellent sealant barrier to many substrates. Can be used for jet engine maintenance and other aerospace environment applications with exposure to jet fuel and hydraulic fluids. Acid-resistant coatings for industrial pumps and equipment housings. Armor-Mask™ can be used as a top-coat for other elastomers to improve their chemical resistance.

 Technology Marketing, Inc. (TMI), believes Armor-Mask™ offers countless benefits for its current and future consumer applications. Armor-Mask™ is an excellent complementing addition to Technology Marketing, Inc. (TMI) extensive product offering currently available.

“Armor-Mask™ has shown to be a very effective spray coating sealant barrier on Rohacell® structural foam core in a continuous high heat environment,” said Patrick McGill, President at Technology Marketing, Inc.

Armor-Mask™ is presently available and the technical team at Technology Marketing, Inc., are ready to assist with any immediate application requirements.

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To learn more, go to  www.tmi-slc.com/armor-mask