The VacTyte™ 4025 is a resistance welder/tester recommended for use with thermocouple wire to provide fool-proof junctions for "J" type thermocouples. The 4025 TC Welder/Tester operates on standard 120 volt power, is 9" wide, 11" long, 6.5" deep and weighs 7.5 pounds. A 240 volt welder is available on special order.



  • Welding and TC testing capability
  • Recessed well for operator safety
  • Large easy to read wattmeter
  • Circuit breaker protected


Strip 0.25-0.5" of insulation from both ends of the thermocouple cable. Twist exposed wires on one end of the cable tightly together and attach a thermocouple jack to the other end. (OBSERVE POLARITY) Plug the jack into the socket provided on the welder panel and insert the twisted end of the wire into the weld hole immersing the bare wire in the black powder in the welding well. Set the toggle switch in the "WELD" position and depress and hold the "WELD" button for 2-5 seconds. Remove the wire from the welding well. If the weld is not complete, continue welding for up to, but NO LONGER THAN 20 seconds. Set toggle switch to the "TEST" position immediately after completing weld and observe the watt meter on the welder panel for reading.

NOTE: Operator must wear welder goggles during welding to avoid eye damage.