The Hot Spot capacitance discharge thermocouple welder is for 14 AWG or lighter wire to provide fool-proof junctions for B, E, J, K, T, R and S type thermocouples. The Hot Spot, which operates on standard 120 volt (220 VAC available) power, is 11.5" wide, 8.5" deep, 3.5” high and weighs 14 pounds.



  • Quick action; 6 or more welds per minute
  • No elaborate set-up or special training
  • Free standing beads and direct welded attachment
  • Circuit breaker protected


Strip 0.25”-0.5" of insulation from both ends of the thermocouple cable. Hold the paired wires in the electrode pliers and touch them to the carbon block electrode while pushing the firing switch to produce a freestanding junction. Stripped wire pairs should be positioned in the pliers electrode with wires in contact. Different energy settings may be used to suit the individual operator, wire type, and desired result. For example, 30 AWG wire may require an energy setting of 20 watt-seconds, while a 20 AWG wire may require 40 watt-seconds. Detailed instructions accompany the welder.

NOTE: Operator must wear welder goggles during welding to avoid eye damage.

 Thermo Couple Welder

 Hot spot Capacitance 



Themo Couple Welder

Hot Spot Capacitance