Sonicut-2™ Ultrasonic Trim Knife (UTK)

The SONICUT-2™ ULTRASONIC TRIM KNIFE (UTK) is a hand held, portable instrument designed for cutting, and trimming of prepregs and other hard to cut materials.

Sonicut systems cut prepregs faster, more efficiently and with less fiber damage than conventional cutting methods, and are thereby more cost effective through greater productivity and reduced material waste. Ultrasonic energy is trigger activated providing operators with control over cutting pressure and the duration of ultrasonic activation. Accessories for remote operation of a Sonicut system in a machine mounting are available.

A 150 watt variable amplitude power supply offers control of the amplitude (blade stroke) for different materials and thicknesses. The system is capable of both constant and timed ultrasonic activation. A choice of steel, carbide, or titanium tips and blades provide the accessories necessary to complete a variety of composite cutting operations


  • Operates with Branson Model 2000LPt rugged solid-state ultrasonic power supply with the latest electronics technology.
  • Digital Amplitude Control enables fine tuning for a variety of cutting and welding tasks.
  • Automatic Frequency Control eliminates the need for adjustment during operation.
  • Automatic Amplitude Compensation provides constant horn amplitude for variable energy requirements encountered during the operating cycle.
  • Continuous Sonics Activation Switch bypasses weld time programmer switch for cutting applications.
  • LED Readouts are easy to read and display parameter settings during set up and operation.
  • Front Panel Load Meter indicates the level of ultrasonic energy absorbed by the work performed.
  • Lightweight of 2.25 pounds (1.3kg) enables efficient operation without operator fatigue
  • Automatic Tuning at start-up and after new blade installation.
  • User Guide furnished with system.
  • Blade changing fixture furnished to mount in work area.


  • Precise, Rapid
  • Efficient Cutting speeds governed by the material type and thickness. Linear cutting of a single layer of prepreg can be accomplished as fast as the operator can safely move the tool. Multiple layers require more time.
  • Simple, Easy to Use Design enables operators to be trained in minutes.


  • Aramid Prepreg
  • Boron Prepreg
  • Carbon Phenolic Prepreg
  • Fiberglass Prepreg
  • Graphite Prepreg
  • Hybrid Prepreg
  • Thermoplastic Prepreg
  • Unidirectional Tape
  • Aluminum Core Cured/Uncured Rubber
  • Foam Core Sealant
  • Nomex Core
  • Phenolic Core
  • Woven Fabric
  • Braided Materials


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