Technology Marketing, Inc. (TMI) is a Distributor of Chem-Trend Chemlease® mold cleaners, sealers and release agents to the fiber reinforced composites industry. Chem-Trend products are accepted worldwide as setting the standard in mold release technology. Many of these products have not only advanced the performance expectations of release agent technology, but have actually helped to shape manufacturing processes. As a result, customers produce better products with higher productivity and increased profitability.

Key Benefits of Chem-Trend Technology

    * Easy Application Low to no Build-up
    * Multiple Releases
    * High Thermal Stability
    * Virtually no Transfer
    * High Slip
    * Easy Release from Aggressive Resins
    * Easy Touch-up
    * High gloss or Non-cosmetic Finish

Important products available are:


Chemlease® Hydrolease Cleaner – A water-based cleaner formulated to remove waxes, buffing compounds and semi-permanents including sealers and topcoats.

Chemlease® Mold Cleaner – A heavy duty, solvent-based cleaner formulated to dissolve waxes and buffing compounds without removing the semi-permanent coating layer.


Chemlease®  15 Sealer – A high performance sealer formulated to condition mold surfaces reducing porosity and acting as a protective barrier for new or reconditioned molds.

Chemlease®  MPP-117 – A unique heavy-duty mold primer and chemically inert sealer. It brings worn tooling back to life and increases topcoat durability.


Chemlease® 41-90 – A rapid-curing multiple-release formula for applications not requiring a Class A surface finish.

Chemlease® 75 – A multiple-release formula developed specifically for applications in cultured marble where high gloss is required and for large parts where pre-release may be a concern.

Chemlease® PMR – The most popular high-gloss multiple-release formula for composite molding specifically designed for smaller parts and decks.

Chemlease® One FS – An easy-to-apply, wipe-on-only multiple-release formula for high–gloss composite molding.

Chemlease® PMR-90 – An increased-slip version of Chemlease PMR for parts with deep drafts or difficult release.

Chemlease® SK-3 – A sprayable, high-gloss multiple-release for large surfaces.

Chemlease® Hydrolease –A water-based multiple-release formula for high-glass composites applications.


Chemlease® IM02 – An internal release agent to be added to retard mold buildup and assist the demolding process for each part. (Add 0.1-1.0% by weight IM02 to resin followed by a 15 minute mix. Always consult with your resin supplier before adding an internal release agent.)


Chemwax® 304 – A wax-based flange release for a broad range of applications.

Chemwax® 500 – A liquid wax-based release agent formulated to allow rapid production of molds from plugs.

Chemwax® 911 – A hybrid liquid wax and semi-permanent formulation providing a high-gloss finish with multiple release capabilities.

Chemwax® SP – A multi-purpose semi-permanent paste wax for composite applications providing multiple releases.

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